Wonder Bingo Sponsors The Alan Titchmarsh Show

All online bingo websites want to gain the most amount of players possible and there is no better way than using the television as a platform to get a bingo name out there. Wonder Bingo is now the latest online bingo website to use the advertising opportunities that being on the television offers. Wonder Bingo is now going to sponsor the popular chat programme The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

In addition to that, Wonder Bingo is set to release a series of adverts that will hit television screens soon.

The Alan Titchmarsh Show launched on ITV back in 2007 and ever since then it has gained a loyal fan base. Now in its fourth year the show attracts a large amount of viewers, so Wonder Bingo really has done well for itself to be linked to this day time talk show.

We are seeing more and more adverts for bingo websites on the television, which is good because it means players can become aware of all the different online bingo websites. But for a bingo company to be paired with a tele programme is even better.

Wonder bingo is now part of a very small group that has manage to land a sponsorship deal on tele; the most famous has to be the partnership between Foxy Bingo and Jeremy Kyle. Other programmes that have a bingo website as their sponsor include Emmerdale and Tombola and All Star Family Fortunes and Red Bus Bingo.

Although people know that online bingo offers great promotions and top bonuses, the different bingo companies are starting to battle against each other to gain the most amount of players through adverts. Therefore having a constant stream of exposure on television is surely a positive thing, not only for Wonder Bingo but for the other bingo companies that are jumping on the advertising bandwagon!

You can watch the Wonder Bingo sponsor advert here:



Written by Beth Crewe

6th October 2011

Article Last Updated: 11/07/2012 16:12:41