ITV Bingo Moves to a Network Today

ITV BingoOver the last few weeks we have spoken about a number of Cashcade brands that have joined the network of sites from this group. The brands that have made the move to the network were previously standalone brands but have now joined the larger network of sites that includes brands like WeLuvBingo, Graces Bingo, STV Bingo and a number of other names. Today ITV Bingo makes the move to the network, the last of the four brands to do so.

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For ITV Bingo players this means that they have more rooms to choose from for their bingo game play but unlike the other brands that were on the network previously, ITV Bingo has a couple of rooms that are only available to players registered with this brand. This means that if you choose to play in these rooms you will only be competing with players of ITV Bingo where as if you play in any of the other 75 ball or 90 ball rooms available then you will be playing for a pot prize available to players from ALL the sites on the network.

ITV Bingo is the last of the four brands to make the move to the network; the first was Bingo Scotland then we saw Rollover and Mirror Bingo also make the move to the network. Whilst for players this may well be a good move is it really the right move for the operators of the smaller brands already on the network like STV Bingo and WeLuvBingo? As a player you may already have come across the issues with signing up with multiple brands on the network finding that you are presented with a message that you are already a member of another site on this online bingo network, does this not then mean for the smaller brands that the player pool has suddenly become a lot smaller?

Written by Penny Rutter

5th September 2011

Article Last Updated: 13/05/2014 15:09:42