Mobile Bingo in your Pocket

mobile bingo First came traditional bingo clubs, then online bingo revolutionised the game, so what else can we look forward to in the future? We here at predict that the next big thing will be Mobile Bingo played on your phone!

Mobile gaming is already popular among online casino players who want to play games whilst on the move – it’s even possible to play poker on mobiles. Mobile phone technology has advanced to the point where you can enjoy some great graphics and sound effects as well as play for real money as well as just for fun!

Totalbet already offer a mobile bingo/keno game, but this isn’t the multiplayer game that we all enjoy playing on our PC’s. However, it’s a good sign that the industry is beginning to think about bingo players as they plan mobile game offerings.

As technology continues to progress, we predict that a number of things will happen for the benefit of online bingo enthusiasts – here are our top three predictions:

  • Within three years, a “big name” bingo company will expand it’s online offering to mobile phone players by setting up a mobile-friendly web-based client. This will allow people to log into a special web page using their normal username and password and play in a java-enabled environment, or something very similar.
  • Mobile phones will become more and more like pocket computers, and within ten years virtually all mobiles will be at least as powerful as today’s more expensive personal digital assistants and video iPods. This will mean that your mobile will be able to offer a rich multimedia experience currently available only on your PC.
  • Within thirty years, mobile communicators (the word “phone” is so 2020) will be able to project an image the size of a laptop screen onto any surface, making it possible for us to play bingo in full-screen mode whilst we’re on the bus, in bed or even in the bath!

We’ll stop there before we get carried away and talk about our dream of a getting a virtual bingo holodeck in every living room around the globe, but we think you get the picture. Will the future unfold as we predict? Only time will tell, but we do think that bingo on mobile phones is a fairly safe bet. Until then, there are new online bingo sites launching all the time, so the chances of us getting bored in the meantime are thankfully extremely low!

Article Last Updated: 19/3/2008